Each day, millions of children through the United States and Canada board school buses on their way to and from school. Over 24 million children in the United States travel daily on our roadways safely protected inside school buses. Not only does school bus transportation help to protect children from harm in typical accidents, but it also helps to reduce traffic and pollution by reducing the number of vehicles daily transporting children to and from school.

But not every child is fortunate enough to have school bus transportation available to them, and others do not take advantage of this service when offered. State lawmakers often neglect the costs to purchase newer, safer school buses as well as maintain a large fleet of vehicles to transport all of their students. Local school systems may be quick to cut spending in transportation or further reduce transportation services when facing tough budget decisions.

Yet, statistics continue to confirm the fact that school buses are the safest mode of transportation for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Whether driving themselves, traveling with parents, bicycling or walking to school, risk of injury or fatal accident to a child increases 100 times compared to those children on school buses. Of the nearly 7,500 student deaths from 1991-1999, over 99% occurred when children were not safely inside a school bus, but rather involved in another method of transportation. 

As leaders from every facet of the pupil transportation industry, the safety of your children is our highest priority. The NAPT Foundation is committed to the advancement of pupil transportation safety through its mission to:

  • Provide resources to help inform local communities about the benefits of school bus transportation;
  • Conduct research regarding the use of environmentally friendly and safer school buses; and,
  • Provide additional training and educational opportunities for pupil transportation professionals.

As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, we seek the support of industry organizations as well as local and national parenting advocate groups to bring this issue to the forefront of educational and government leaders. Working in conjunction with the National Association for Pupil Transportation, we will work together with school officials and school bus industry professionals to educate parents and the public about these issues and provide ways to enhance their local efforts.

Together, we can see the day when the importance of our children's safety becomes the most essential factor influencing schools and parents across the country. 

2012 NAPT Foundation

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